FileProtection: Protect your files

1. Introduction

Description: Using this extension you can encrypt files in a way that they will behave like corrupted so that they can’t be opened outside of your app until decrypted again.
Latest Version: 1
Released:  10 Aug, 2023
Last Updated:  10 Aug, 2023

Thanks to @Alexandre_Gorine for sponsoring this extension

2. Blocks

3. Docs

FileEncryptedEvent raised after getting encrypt file result
successful | boolean
FileDecryptedEvent raised after getting decrypt file result
successful | boolean
GotErrorEvent raised when any error occurs
methodName | text
errorMsg | text
EncryptFileEncrypts file so that it can’t be opened outside of app
filePath | text
DecryptFileDecrypts file and makes it openable
filePath | text
BytesCountSets number of bytes to be encrypted
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : number

4. Usages

Encrypt File

It encrypts/corrupts file so that users can’t open it themselves. So your files will be safe and can’t be manipulated easily.
Note: It accepts file path only (no SAF content/document uri) and works only if app owns the file.

Decrypt File
Decrypts the previously encrypted file and makes it usable.

Set Bytes Count
Altering even 1 byte is enough to encrypt most files but to be safe you should choose something like 100 and or above.
Default value is 50.


Licensed under
An attribution (name= vknow360) and link to this post is must

Hope it helps!

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