1. Introduction

It basically creates and reads qr and bar codes offline from file.

Latest Version: 5.2
Released:  March 21, 2020
Last Updated:  June 04, 2023

2. Blocks

UseAdditionalDecoders property has been deprecated

3. Documentation

A short documentation for the extension…

  • Bar Code Decoded
    Event raised after decoding bar code with result and bar format
    result ~ object
    barFormat ~ object
result and barFormat are usually strings, but if image has multiple bar codes then these are list
  • Bar Code Generated
    Event raised after GenerateBarCode method with response and filepath.If any error occurred during encoding then filePath value will be empty.
    component_event (21)
    response ~ text
    filePath ~ text
  • Barcode Formats
    Returns a list of barcode formats which can be either encoded or decoded.Some formats can be encoded and decoded both like QR_CODE and CODE_39.
    component_method (36)
    Returns : List
  • Decode Bar Code
    Tries to decode barcode from given path.
    filePath ~ text
  • Generate Bar Code
    Generates barcode to given path with provided hints.
    text ~ text
    filePath ~ text
    logoPath ~ text
    height ~ int
    width ~ int
    fileFormat ~ text
    barFormat ~ text
    charset ~ text
    margin ~ int
    bgColor ~ int (Color)
    barColor ~ int (Color)


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