[PAID] PdfZ: An optimized and feature-rich PDF Viewer [$8 or INR 551]

1. Introduction

Description: PdfZ is an extension using which you create PDF Viewer with awesome features. It can be optimized as per users device to give the best experience possible.
Its key features include:

  • Load pdf from Storage/ Assets/ URL
    Supports Drive URLs as well.
  • Uses Recycler View implicitly
  • Quality enhancer
  • Zoom settings like Max Zoom and method to zoom page to particular level
  • Dark Mode
  • Lazy load page contents for Smooth Scrolling and avoiding OOM errors
  • Vertical and Horizontal orientation

Latest Version: 1
Released:  July 9, 2023
Last Updated:  July 9, 2023

2. Blocks


3. Documentation

ErrorOccurredEvent raised when an error occurs
errorMessage | text
PdfDownloadProgressEvent raised when pdf downloading progress changes
progress | number
PdfLoadedEvent raised when PDF is loaded in Viewer
filePath | text
PageChangedEvent raised when current page is changed
currentPage | number
GetZoomLevelReturns current zoom level
GetPageCountReturns total pages count
GetCurrentPageReturns current page number
ZoomZooms current page to specified level
level | number
InitializeInitialize PDF Viewer for a local pdf, stored in device.
container | component
pdfPath | text
InitializeWithUrlInitialize PDF Viewer from online pdf file. It should be a direct pdf url.Also works for pdf file stored in Google Drive.
container | component
pdfUrl | text
InitializeFromAssetsInitialize PDF Viewer for pdf stored in asset
container | component
pdfName | text
RemovePdfViewerRemove PDF Viewer from its parent layout
OpenPageOpens the given page
pageNo | number
VerticalVertical orientation
Property Type : read-only
Accepts : number
ScaleMultiplierSets quality multiplier. Default value is 2 for overall good experience. For best experience keep it between 2 and 3. A no. higher than that may cause crashes.
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : number
HorizontalHorizontal orientation
Property Type : read-only
Accepts : number
OrientationSet Pdf viewer orientation
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : number
LazyLoadSets whether page contents should be loaded in background thread or main thread. Enable it for smooth experience while sliding between pages.
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : boolean
DarkModeSets whether PDF Viewer should load pages in dark mode or not
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : boolean
ZoomEnabledSets whether page can be zoomed via touch gestures or not
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : boolean
Property Type : read-write
Accepts : number

4. Preview

5. Purchase the extension

You can purchase extension by paying via PayPal and Upi. Either include your email-address in payment note or just contact me after the payment to get aix.

Thank you.

Hope it helps!

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