[PAID] AwsS3Client: Extension to use Amazon S3 features [$10 or INR 701] 

1. Introduction

Thanks to @3dmixer for sponsoring the extension

Description: This extension is for using AWS S3 and similar Storage Services such as DigitalOcean Spaces. The extension makes it easy to upload files to S3 and then download it in app. You can create buckets as well to store different type of files in different buckets to avoid confusions.
You can read more about AWS S3 here: Amazon S3
Latest Version: 1
Released:  May 5, 2023
Last Updated:  May 5, 2023

2. Blocks


3. Docs

BucketCreatedEvent raised after bucket is created
bucketName | text
BucketDeletedEvent raised after bucket is deleted and returns result
successful | boolean
DownloadProgressChangedEvent raised when downloading progress changes
progress | number
FileDeletedEvent raised after file is deleted and returns result
successful | boolean
FileDownloadedEvent raised after file is downloaded
filePath | text
FileUploadedEvent after when file uploading gets completed
key | text
fileUrl | text
GotBucketsListEvent raised after buckets list is obtained
buckets | list
GotErrorEvent raised when any error occurs
methodName | text
errorMessage | text
GotObjectsListEvent raised after objects list is obtained
objects | list
ObjectCopiedEvent raised after object is copied
successful | boolean
UploadProgressChangedEvent raised when uploading progress changes
progress | number
CopyObjectCopies an object from one bucket to another
fromBucket | text
fromFileName | text
toBucket | text
toFileName | text
CreateBucketCreates a new bucket
bucketName | text
DeleteBucketTries to delete given bucket
bucketName | text
DeleteFileTries to delete file from given bucket
bucketName | text
fileName | text
DownloadFileDownloads file from given bucket
bucketName | text
fileName | text
localFilePath | text
GetObjectsListTries to get objects list from given bucket
bucketName | text
InitInitializes AmazonS3 Client
accessKey | text
secretKey | text
ListBucketsTries to get buckets list
UploadFileUploads file to the given bucket
bucketName | text
filePath | text
remoteFileName | text
RegionSets S3 region
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : text

4. Purchase

You can purchase extension by paying via PayPal and Upi. Either include your email-address in payment note or just contact me after the payment to get aix.

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