[PAID] AdmobAds : Integrate latest Admob Ads SDK (23.0.0) in your app ($6 or INR 421) 


Description: This extension will help you to monetize your app using Admob’s latest sdk.
Latest Version: 1
Released:  April 15, 2024
Last Updated:  April 15, 2024

Key Features

  • Affordable pricing makes this extension budget friendly and you get a hight quality support service as well.
  • Easy integration
    Extension is quite user-friendly and does not require high-level development skills to implement the extension.
  • Various Ad types to let you choose how and what Ad format you want to use in your app.
    AdMob supports a variety of ad formats including Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, Rewarded Ads, Rewarded Interstitial Ads , AppOpen Ads and native ads.

2. Blocks

3. Demo Blocks

4. Demo Video

5. Additional Information

Adding Admob Ad Id in AndroidManifest.xml

Open aix using zip software.
Open com.sunny.admobs > files
Now open component_build_infos.json
Find APPLICATION_ID tag and replace its value with your app id.
Save file and then click yes when prompted to update aix file.
Now import and add aix to your project.

6. Purchase Extension

You should read FAQs given here.

Thank you.
Hope it helps!

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