[PAID] OpenVPN: Connect with VPN server using .ovpn files ($15 or INR 1001)

OpenVPN Extension

Using this extension you’ll be able to connect to VPN Servers with .ovpn files. OpenVPN is a robust and flexible solution for establishing secure connections over the internet, whether it’s for remote access, site-to-site networking, or safeguarding online privacy. OpenVPN creates a secure tunnel between devices over the internet, encrypting all data that passes through it. This encryption ensures that even if data is intercepted, it remains unreadable to unauthorized parties, providing a significant layer of protection for sensitive information.

1. Overview

LatestVersion: 1
Released: April 25, 2024
Last Updated: April 25, 2024
Min SDK: 21
Permissions: ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE , FOREGROUND_SERVICE (only for Android 9 and above), POST_NOTIFICATIONS (only for Android 13 and above)

Aix Size: 310 Kb

Key Features:

  • Connect to VPN with customisable settings
  • Check VPN status (even across app startups)
  • Get notified about VPN status changes
  • Pause, Resume and Disconnect from Vpn notification
  • Allow apps to bypass vpn by package name
  • Read logs in realtime

2. Blocks


3. Documentation

GotLogsEvent raised after collecting all logs
logs | text
VpnPermissionGrantedEvent raised when VPN permission is granted. Vpn can be started only in this case.
VpnPermissionDeniedEvent raised when VPN permission is denied
ErrorOccurredEvent raised when error occurs. It is not guaranteed that all errors will be reported via this event. However, all of them will be reported to logs.
errorMsg | text
StateChangedEvent raised when VPN connection state changes
state | text
VpnStateReturn VPN connection state
ClearLogsClear logs of current session
GetLogsRead logs from the log file of current session
AskServicePermissionAsk for service permissions required to start VPN
IsVpnPreparedReturns whether VPN Service has been already prepared or not. If returns false then you’ll have to ask Service Permission first.
StartVPNStart VPN service with provided configFile and other credentials
title | text
configFile | text
country | text
username | text
password | text
StopVPNStop VPN Service
GetAllowedAppsListReturns Allowed Apps list
AddAllowedAppAdds specified app to Allowed Apps List. Apps in this list bypass VPN.
pkgName | text
RemoveAllowedAppRemoves specified app from Allowed Apps list
pkgName | text

3. Example Usage

Ask for required permissions on Screen Initialize

Check VPN permission

IsVpnPrepared will return true if vpn permission has been granted otherwise false.
AskServicePermission block will show this permission dialog:




Listen to State Changes



Note: noprocess means vpn has not been started and disconnected means vpn was started before and has been diconnected.

Stop Vpn

You can stop vpn from notification as well.

5. Demo Video

6. Inject Native library

You’ll get these two folders with aix:


Then decompile apk and copy these two folders to decompile directory.
Intructions for decompiling apk:
Add native libs to apk 

 simple app after injection becomes ~10mb

How to Sign Apk by @Anke
How to build a big app → APK max. 100 MB or → AAB 150 MB 

7. Purchase the extension

Please include your email address in payment note or just contact me after payment to get aix and related files.

Thank you.
Hope it helps!