[PAID] MlTBRek: Offline Text and Barcode recognition using ML Kit [$8 or 551]

1. Introduction

Description: Using this extension you can recognize text from image and scan barcodes from file completely offline.
Latest Version: 2
Released:  September 3, 2023
Last Updated:  October 26, 2023
Aix Size: ~ 1.1mb

Key Features:

  • Completely offline Text Recognition and Barcode Scanning from Image
  • Dynamic Deps management which reduces aix size to just 1.1mb. You can download required dependencies on demand.
  • Text Recognition supports all Latin based languages + some Devanagari script languages
  • Barcode Scanning supports Simple Barcode, WiFi, URL, Geo Point, Contact Info and Email

2. Blocks


3. Documentation

DepsInstalledEvent raised when deps have been installed
type | text
DepsDownloadFailedEvent raised when deps downloading failed
type | text
errorMsg | text
DepsDownloadProgressEvent raised when deps downloading progress changes
type | text
progress | number
RecognisedTextEvent raised after getting text from image
text | text
blocksList | list
UrlScannedEvent raised if url was found in barcode
title | text
url | text
ContactInfoScannedEvent raised if contact info was found in barcode
address | text
email | text
name | text
orgName | text
phone | text
title | text
urls | text
EmailScannedEvent raised if email was found in barcode
address | text
body | text
subject | text
type | number
WifiScannedEvent raised if wifi info was found in barcode
ssid | text
pswd | text
encryptionType | number
GeoPointScannedEvent raised if geo points were found in barcode
lat | number
lon | number
BarcodeScannedEvent raised when no specific type of barcode was found and given barcode was decoded in general
rawValue | text
barFormat | number
displayValue | text
BarRecognitionFailedEvent raised if barcode scanning failed
errorMsg | text
TextRecognitionFailedEvent raised if text recognition failed
errorMsg | text
InitTextRecognizerInitialize Text Recognizer
InstallDepsInstall deps of given type
type | text
RecogniseTextTries to recognize test from given input that can be an Image component, file path or content uri
image | any
InitBarRecognizerInitializes Barcode recognizer/scanner
RecogniseBarcodeTries to decode barcode from given input which can be an Image component, file path or content uri
image | any
Property Type : read-only
Accepts : text
Property Type : read-only
Accepts : text

4. Usages

Make Recognizers ready to be used

Check deps availability

Text Recognisation
First initialize recogniser.

Then provide input image to RecogniseText block.


RecognisedText event will be raised with result if recognition was successful otherwise TextRecognitionFailed event will be raised with error message.
blocksList is a list of blocks. Each block is a list of lines.


Supported Languages: All Latin based languages including but not limited to

  • Catalan
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portugese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Tagalog
  • Turkish


Some Devanagari Script languages

  • Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Nepali
  • Sanskrit

Barcode Recognition

Initialize Barcode recogniser.

Then provide input image to RecogniseBarcode block.

Result will be delivered via different events based upon type of barcode.

It reads the following barcode formats:

It automatically parses QR Codes, Data Matrix, PDF-417, and Aztec values, for the following supported formats:

  • URL
  • Contact information (VCARD, etc.)
  • WiFi
  • Geo-location (latitude and longitude)
  • Email

more will be added on demand.

5. Demo Video

6. Purchase the extension

Please include your email address in payment note or just contact me after payment to get aix and related files.

Thank you.
Hope it helps!

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