AsymmetricCryptography : An extension for asymmetric cryptography

1. Introduction

AsymmetricCryptography is an extension which you can use to add end-to-end encryption(asymmetric encryption) in your app.It uses asymmetric encryption which ensures that your data is safe.

Latest Version: 3.1
Released:  April 25, 2020
Last Updated:  June 30, 2020

2. Blocks


3. Documentation

A quick and short documentation for AsymmetricCryptography :

blocks (21)

Generates keys of provided length and raises event ‘KeysGenerated’ with success and response values.
Note: (i) Big key size will consume more ram.It behaves normal upto 4096.
(ii) Key length should be at least 8 times of string length.
For Example :
A key of length 1024 can encrypt a string of length 128.


Returns private key in string format

component_method (1)

Returns public key in string format

blocks (22)

Tries to encrypt given string with provided public key and returns encrypted text

blocks (23)

Tries to decrypt given string with provided private key and returns decrypted text


Asynchronous version of Decrypt method


Asynchronous version of Encrypt method


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